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Loggia by Ultraframe

Loggia is a modern building system that provides the best way to build the best rooms. It builds stunning extensions, replaces the traditional conservatory and makes orangeries affordable. The addition of a Loggia extension will improve the value of your home significantly more than a traditional conservatory, making it a sound financial investment too.

There are 3 styles:

Loggia Prestige - this syle incorporates two Loggia narrow columns, Presige insulating pelmet and LivinLight which together addresses the three main heat loss areas.

Loggia Premium - design options include multiple wide or narrow columns sitting on or off plinths topped with the Classic Cornice outside, internally insulated with LivinRoom, warmed by radient panel heaters and illuminated by LivinLight.

Loggia Ultimate - combines all of the elements of a Loggia Premium wthg the Ultimate roofing solution creating a soild, vaulted plastered ceiling.

You can view the Loggia brochure here.

Columns can be wide or narrow, full height or sit on a low wall.


There is the choice of classic white, landmark green, pure cream and urban grey - or choose something bespoke.

Loggia Premium

The Loggia Premium can provide a living space sufficiently insulated to allow the removal of the internal doors, seamlessly extending your home.

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