Frameless Rooflight Collection

This collection includes:

  1. Frameless Flat Rooflight
  2. Frameless Roof Lantern
  3. Opening Rooflight


Frameless Flat Rooflight:

This is a unique flat Rooflight system that is ultra slim & aesthetically pleasing. It’s contemporary style suits both a modern & period building to achieve a great look wherever it is situated. Performance of our Rooflight is industry leading in U values and weather durability, which has been tested to make sure the product surpasses all current regulations and will stand the test of time. All flat Rooflights are pitched at 5 degrees as an industry standard to ensure minimal pooling on the Rooflight. We only use top specification glass structurally calculated by glass engineers to ensure safety and longevity of our products.
All components used in the manufacture and installation are all designed and made in Britain. The overall U value of the Rooflight is 1.6 using a double glazed unit of 1.0. All our Rooflights are hand made by highly trained staff who implement strict manufacturing guidelines and quality control to make sure the first is as good as the last.


Framless Roof Lantern:

The Ultra-modern Frameless Roof Lantern/Pyramid is one of the slimmest designs on the market today, providing more light transmittance than any other Roof Lantern.
Traditionally, other companies use bars which can make them bulky and obtrusive and U values are also effected, this makes the Frameless Roof Lantern more efficient and aesthetically pleasing.

Consisting of glass to glass joins with thermal foam barrier using a glass of just 1.0 U value the product will keep you warm even in the harshest of conditions.


Opening Rooflight

Our Opening Rooflight boasts a thermal break on both outer-fame and sash. With larger 35mm quad polyamide inserts for unbeatable thermal quality, this will be one of the most attractive and thermally efficient Frameless Opening Rooflights on the market to date. With an overall depth of 165mm and a back to front measurement of 119mm, it houses an electric chain actuator that can be switch controlled or wireless application can be achieved.

More importantly weather plays a big role when it comes to the design of the product so our Opening Rooflight has been manufactured with an industry leading triple seal gasket system that is sure to keep weather out even in the harshest of conditions.

The brouchure for these products can be found here.


Frameless Roof Lantern and Opening Roof light

Available in RAL 7015m/7016m/9005m

Glass Specification

Solar Reflective Self Cleaning Glass • Structural Grade Sealed Double Glazed Unit • Black Thermal Spacer Bar • Argon Gas Filled • Soft Coat • Dow 3362 Structural Sealant • Toughened • Polished • Arrised Edges

Not applicable for this product.

Frameless Flat Rooflight

12-14 Working days

Frameless Roof Lantern

12-14 working days

Opening Rooflight

3 weeks

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